First task

This task was the first thing that I told the class to do in the beginning of the semester. It’s not an obligatory homework but anyone can get extra points if he or she does it.

So what we asked you to do is to write a summary and/or a review for each of the following video:

  1. “Battle of Ideas”:
  2. “The Agony of Reform”:

If no one ends up posting the task, I guess I will assume that students prefer quantitative or data-intensive homeworks rather than watching videos :p


2 thoughts on “First task

  1. Venty says:

    wah, kaka memaksa kami…

    deadlinenya pas uas interla ka?

  2. @Venty: hahhaa saya ga maksa.. disebutkan kok “not an obligatory task”, yup deadline pas UAS.. semua tugas akan saya post disini penjelasannya, jadi orang bisa baca kalian disuruh apa sih hehe.. cuma baru 1 tugas ini yg aku sempat post.. tugas main2 dengan data juga akan aku post (walau jawabannya udah masuk duluan :p) hehe

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